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How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift: Best Ideas

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Many people think How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift? The amount to spend on a baby shower gift will depend on the type of present you choose and your budget. Generally, gifts range from $25 to $50 for small items like diaper cakes or stuffed animals, while larger items such as furniture can be upwards of $100. If you are attending a couple’s shower, it is customary to spend around $50-75 per person.

Additionally, if the mother has registered with a store for her baby’s needs then it might be best to stick with that list and purchase something within your price range. Ultimately, spending too much money isn’t necessary; instead, focus on getting something meaningful that shows how happy you are for the expecting parents!

When it comes to baby shower gifts, you should always aim to put thought and effort into the gift selection. Considering the new parents will be inundated with presents on this special day, it’s important to pick something that is meaningful and unique. The amount of money you spend on a baby shower gift isn’t as important as finding something that reflects your relationship with the expecting parents or their little one.

However, if you’re looking for general guidelines, spending between $20-50 is an appropriate range for most baby showers.

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift Reddit

When it comes to baby shower gifts, it is important to remember that the amount you spend should be based on your budget and relationship with the person being celebrated. Depending on how close you are to them, a thoughtful gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune – even something as small as a onesie or toy can mean just as much! However, according to Reddit users who have discussed this topic in-depth, most people suggest spending around $50-75 for a baby shower gift if possible.

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift


Is $100 Enough for Baby Shower?

When it comes to throwing a baby shower, $100 may seem like a small amount of money. However, with some clever planning and frugal shopping, it is possible to throw an unforgettable baby shower on a limited budget. Start by selecting the venue; if you have access to large outdoor spaces or community centers, these can be free or low-cost rental options for hosting your event.

When it comes to decorations and food, opt for simple but meaningful touches such as homemade treats and streamers in the nursery’s colors rather than costly items like elaborate centerpieces. If possible, enlist friends and family members to help out with setting up the party space or preparing food — this will not only save money but also provide an opportunity for everyone involved in the celebration of the life about-to-be born! Finally, opting for creative games over pricey gifts allows guests to join in on all the fun without breaking their budgets too much.

With careful planning and consideration of all costs associated with throwing a baby shower (such as postage), $100 can be enough –– even if just barely!

Is $50 a Good Baby Shower Gift?

When it comes to baby showers, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the perfect gift. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank, then $50 may be a good starting point. Not only can this amount cover some of the more practical items like clothing, diapers and other necessities, but there are also plenty of higher quality gifts that can be found in this price range as well.

For instance, many stores offer complete layette sets or even diaper bags with coordinating accessories at this price point – all great options for new parents. Additionally, you could opt to purchase several smaller items such as onesies or bibs which will add up to roughly $50 while still providing an abundance of useful items. No matter what your choice is though, just remember that most important part about gifting at any baby shower is thoughtfulness and love; so whatever gift you choose should reflect those sentiments!

What is a Standard Baby Shower Gift?

A standard baby shower gift is a wonderful way to show your love and support for the expectant parents. Popular items include helpful items such as diapers, wipes, burp cloths and blankets. These practical gifts are always appreciated by new parents, who will be needing them soon enough!

Other common baby shower gifts include books or toys that encourage learning and development in the first year of life; stuffed animals or other plush toys to cuddle; clothing that can grow with the child; nursery decorations such as wall art or mobiles; bottles, sippy cups and bibs for feeding time; bath accessories like washcloths and towels; changing table essentials like pads, covers and diaper pails. No matter what you choose to give at a baby shower, it is sure to be greatly appreciated by the new family!

Do People Usually Give Money at Baby Showers?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the individual or group hosting the baby shower. Generally, people will give money as a gift at baby showers in order to help out with expenses associated with preparing for a new arrival. In some cultures it may be expected, while in others giving money may be seen as inappropriate or even rude.

Some people might opt to give other gifts such as clothes and toys instead of cash, while others would prefer only cash gifts so they can buy exactly what they need for the new baby. Ultimately, if you are attending a baby shower it’s best to ask ahead of time if monetary gifts are appropriate before bringing cash along – that way there won’t be any awkward moments!

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?


In conclusion, when it comes to baby shower gifts, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The amount you choose to spend should be based on your budget and the relationship that you have with the expectant parents. Whether you decide to buy a practical item or go all out with something extravagant, as long as it’s from the heart, any gift will be appreciated by the happy couple.

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