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How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss Baby: The Gentle Ways

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How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss Baby? It can be difficult to tell your grandma not to kiss the baby, but it is important for the health of your child. The best way to do this is with kindness and respect. Start by expressing how grateful you are that she loves the baby so much and wants what’s best for them.

Then explain firmly that due to health concerns, you don’t want anyone other than close family members kissing the baby on their face or hands – even if they have just washed their hands. Reassure her that there are plenty of other ways she can show her love like cuddling them, reading stories or singing songs together. Be sure to thank her again for understanding why these precautions need to be taken and respecting your wishes as a parent.

  • Step 1: Speak to Grandma in a firm but gentle tone
  • Make sure to explain that you understand she loves the baby, but it’s important for their health and safety that she not kiss them
  • Step 2: Explain why it’s important for her not to kiss the baby
  • Remind her of all the germs on our skin and how those can be transferred through saliva contact like kissing
  • Step 3: Offer alternative ways of showing affection
  • Suggest things like hugs, waving hello, or blowing kisses instead of physical contact with lips-to-skin contact
  • Step 4: Ask Grandma if she has any questions or concerns about this new rule before reiterating your expectations clearly and firmly so there is no confusion moving forward

When is It Safe to Kiss Baby

Kissing a baby on the lips is not recommended until they are at least 6 months old. This is because their immune system is still developing, and it takes time for them to be able to fight off germs and viruses. It’s important to ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before kissing a baby or touching their face, as this will help reduce the risk of transmitting any illnesses or infections.

Should Grandparents Be Allowed to Kiss Newborns?

Grandparents should be allowed to kiss their newborn grandchildren if they take certain precautions. It is important that the grandparents practice good hygiene, wash their hands before and after touching the baby, and avoid contact if either of them has a cold or other illness. Additionally, it may help to have visitors wear a mask while visiting with the little one.

This can provide an extra layer of protection against germs passed from person to person through saliva or airborne droplets produced by coughing or sneezing. The best approach for grandparents wanting to show affection would be to give gentle kisses on top of the head or cheeks instead of directly on the mouth which could spread germs more easily. This way, babies get all the love and care from family members without putting them at risk for infection.

How Do I Tell My Family to Stop Kissing My Baby?

Explaining to your family that you don’t want them to kiss your baby is a sensitive situation that requires careful consideration. Remembering to be firm but kind when communicating with them is most important. It helps if you clearly express why it’s something you don’t want them doing as this will help avoid any confusion or hurt feelings.

Start by explaining how germs can spread through saliva, which means kissing can put your baby at risk of getting sick. If they have colds or other illnesses, explain that their germs could make your baby really unwell – even if it doesn’t affect them much. You might also emphasize how vulnerable babies are and remind everyone that touching faces and sharing drinks should be avoided too.

Make sure you tell them what they CAN do instead – like wave hello from a distance, give cuddles without kissing or offer up toy gifts for the little one – so all involved still feel included in celebrations and gatherings!

Should I Let Grandma Kiss My Baby?

When it comes to allowing Grandma to kiss your baby, it is a very personal decision that requires careful consideration. On the one hand, there is something undeniably sweet about letting Grandma give her grandchild a gentle peck on their forehead or cheek. It can also be an important bonding experience for grandparents and grandchildren alike.

However, if your baby has yet to receive their vaccinations, you may want to wait until they are better protected from illnesses like influenza and whooping cough before allowing them to contact anyone outside of their immediate family – including Grandma. Additionally, it’s essential that you discuss any concerns you have with grandma beforehand so she knows how best to interact safely with the little one. You might also agree upon other ways she can show her love such as reading stories or playing games together while keeping a distance between them.

Ultimately, when deciding whether or not you should let grandma kiss your baby, make sure that whatever decision you make reflects what makes sense for both parties involved – ensuring everyone remains safe and healthy during this special time!

How Do I Tell My Mother in Law to Stop Kissing My Baby?

It can be difficult to tell your mother-in-law that you don’t want her kissing your baby, especially if she’s used to doing it. But speaking up can help protect your child’s health and respect their personal boundaries. Start by talking with your partner first and agreeing on a plan of action before discussing the issue with your mother-in-law.

If possible, try having an in-person conversation to explain the situation in more detail. When addressing the topic, clarify why you don’t want her kissing or touching the baby without being overly confrontational or critical. Let her know that although it may seem like a sweet gesture to show affection, it could potentially spread germs and risk your child’s health.

Ask for her cooperation in understanding this concern and offer alternate ways to express love, such as hugs from a distance instead of kisses on the mouth or forehead. Finally, thank her for respecting your wishes even though she may not agree with them wholeheartedly; hopefully, she will understand how much you care about protecting the wellbeing of your little one!

Hold Off Grandma! Don’t Kiss That Baby!


This blog post has provided some helpful tips on how to tell Grandma not to kiss the baby. It is important to be sensitive while communicating this message, and there are many ways to do so politely and effectively. In addition, it is important for parents or guardians of the infant in question to remember that Grandma likely only wants what’s best for the little one.

Though it may seem difficult, explaining why grandma should refrain from kissing baby can help her understand your decision better and still feel like she can show love in other ways.

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