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10 Creative Ideas for Naming a Post-Baby Shower

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After a baby is born, a baby shower is often called a “sip and see.” It is a chance for family and friends to meet the new addition and celebrate their arrival.

A “sip and see” is typically held 4-6 weeks after the baby is born, giving the parents time to adjust as well as allowing the baby to get past the early newborn stage. It’s a lovely way to introduce the newest member of the family and receive congratulations and well-wishes.

The event can be as simple or as elaborate as the parents prefer, with refreshments and decorations to match the theme. A “sip and see” is a special occasion that allows everyone to gather and admire the new baby while enjoying each other’s company.

10 Creative Ideas for Naming a Post-Baby Shower


Frequently Asked Questions On What To Call A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

What Can You Call A Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born?

There are many alternatives to the name “baby shower” after the baby is born. Consider “baby meet-and-greet,” “sip and see,” and “welcome baby party. ” These names highlight the opportunity to celebrate and introduce the newborn to family and friends.

Is There A Difference Between A Baby Shower And A Baby Meet-And-Greet?

Yes, there is a difference. A baby meet-and-greet is hosted after the baby is born, while a baby shower is hosted before the baby is born. The purpose of the baby meet-and-greet is to introduce the newborn to family and friends and celebrate the joy of having a new addition to the family.

Are Gifts Still Expected At A Baby Meet-And-Greet?

Yes, gifts are still expected at a baby meet-and-greet, just like at a baby shower. The difference is that the focus is on meeting the baby, and gifts may be for the baby or for the parents to help ease the transition into parenthood.

Who Should Be Invited To A Baby Meet-And-Greet?

Close family and friends should be invited to a baby meet-and-greet. This is a more intimate event than a baby shower and provides an opportunity for loved ones to meet the new addition to the family. Send invites through email, text messages, or social media to keep it informal.

When Should A Baby Meet-And-Greet Be Hosted?

A baby meet-and-greet should be hosted within a few weeks of the baby’s arrival. This ensures that the newborn is still new and allows guests to meet and hold the baby. Consider hosting the event in the afternoon to make it more flexible for guests who have work or other commitments.


Baby showers are a beautiful tradition that celebrates the arrival of a new bundle of joy. While it can be challenging to come up with a suitable name for a baby shower held after a child is born, there are plenty of options to consider.

From a meet and greet party to a baby reveal, there are numerous possibilities. One thing to keep in mind is the preference of the parents-to-be, as they may already have an idea of what type of party they would like to have.

Regardless of what the event is called, the most crucial aspect is celebrating the new addition to the family. With a little creativity, planning, and attention to detail, a post-birth baby shower is the perfect way to welcome a new baby into the world and celebrate this exciting time with loved ones.

So go ahead and pick the name that speaks to you, and cherish the memories you make with your family and friends.

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