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Do Doctors Spank Babies When They Are Born

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Doctors do not spank babies when they are born. This practice is outdated and has been replaced with more effective methods of newborn health assessments and care.

When a baby is born, a doctor or a nurse will perform a series of tests to evaluate the baby’s health and determine if any immediate medical intervention is necessary. These tests include measuring the baby’s weight, length, and head circumference and assessing their muscle tone, reflexes, and overall appearance.

The doctor or nurse will also check the baby’s vital signs, including their heart rate, breathing, and temperature. While medical professionals may use gentle methods like rubbing or tapping to stimulate a baby’s breathing or reflexes, spanking is not a commonly used or recommended method. By using modern techniques, doctors and nurses can ensure that babies receive the best possible start to life.

Do Doctors Really Spank Newborns at Birth?


Frequently Asked Questions For Do Doctors Spank Babies When They Are Born

Is It Normal For Doctors To Spank Babies After They Are Born?

It was a common practice to spank newborns between the 1950s and 1970s to stimulate breathing. However, the practice is no longer considered normal or necessary, and most doctors prefer other methods to encourage a baby’s first breath.

What Are Some Alternative Methods To Stimulate Breathing In Newborns?

Rather than spanking, doctors now prefer to use alternative methods to encourage a baby’s first breath. These methods may include suctioning the baby’s mouth and nose, giving oxygen, or gently stimulating the baby’s back.

Does Spanking Have Any Negative Effects On Newborns?

There is no evidence to suggest that spanking newborns causes any long-term harm. However, it is now considered unnecessary and potentially harmful as there are gentler and more effective ways to encourage a baby’s first breath.

Why Was Spanking Newborns Popular In The Past?

Spanking newborns was popular in the past to initiate breathing. It was believed that a firm slap on the bottom would stimulate the baby’s lungs and encourage them to take their first breath. However, modern medicine has since found gentler ways to facilitate this process.

Is Spanking Still Performed In Any Circumstances?

In some rare cases, medical staff may still use spanking in the delivery room, but this is usually only in situations where the baby is not breathing and other methods have failed. These circumstances are incredibly rare, and usually only occur in emergency situations.


After researching and analyzing various sources, we can conclude that doctors do not spank babies when they are born. The idea of spanking newborns is a decades-old myth that has no scientific basis. Spanking a newborn can be detrimental to their health and well-being, causing physical harm and psychological trauma.

There are several safe and effective alternatives to spanking, such as skin-to-skin contact, soothing sounds, and gentle touches. As new parents, it’s essential to understand that babies are delicate and require a great deal of tenderness and care. Therefore, it’s crucial to educate ourselves and seek proper medical advice and guidance to ensure our infants’ health and safety.

It’s also vital to raise awareness and debunk myths surrounding newborn care to create a better and healthier future for our little ones.

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